August 8, 2016


I've mostly done my planning in word docs and on scrap paper, but last year I started using a notebook to map things out before vacations or around benchmark exams. I tried a few different layouts that I drew into my old notebook before settling on one to design for my new notebook.

Two week spread doc

Since we run an alternating day schedule two week cycles work better than single weeks. But there's at most five classes (per course) in a two week period. So I made a grid at the top for writing in dates, lesson topics and notes like early release days. Then the rest of the sheet is divided into five spaces for more detailed lesson plan notes (still not a lot of detail, that'll continue to happen in the word docs and smart notebook slides). This year I'll have three levels of Algebra - contained special ed, on level and honors. I'm not sure if I'll be able to plan them all together, but if I can then a whole month will fit on one two page spread!

Right now this is the only thing I'm planning to print to put into my notebook. I have the to do lists and lined pages that come with the notebook plus some blank pages (TMC notebook sheets I hole punched!). Is there anything else you would consider essential in your notebook/planner?


  1. Wait...didn't I start using an online planner because of you a few years ago? I feel pretty sure you gave me that idea. Right? Or am I crazy?

    1. Not crazy! I swing back and forth. Last year I didn't have my one of my preps in my classroom and turned out I really enjoy spending a block in the library away from my computer and next to a giant wall of windows! Notebook is helpful for adjusting plans as I graded.