August 9, 2016

Organizing and Decorating Day

I met up with my co-teacher this morning (yay yay yay she's back!) to start working on our classroom. I went through all my desk drawers and organized. Jordan checked the batteries in all the calculators. My co-teacher emptied out the file cabinet. We arranged the desks and hung up the posters. My brain still isn't in school mode, but at least my classroom will be ready once my brain kicks in!

PreCalc picture projects! I snapped this picture primarily because I don't think they will still be hanging when I go back. I tried poster tape and masking tape and one fell within the hour. I added duct tape. I might need to bring in the hot glue if that doesn't cut it.

Schedules for a regular day, advisory day and early release day. I hate not knowing what time class ends so it's worth giving up a board to the schedules (plus this is the board behind my desk so it's not easily accessible anyway). Maybe this will be the year I'll actually remember that Fridays are advisory days and we run a different schedule.

Bulletin board with space for extra copies for Algebra 1 (precalc gets an accordion file system, less visible but equally organized). I'm not sure how it will work this year because I have three levels of Algebra 1. Maybe if we do different things in each class I'll clip them by course but still put them in the same folder? (The folders are labeled by day.)

Every Girl, Every Boy poster. I'm the Gay Straight Alliance advisor but the gender and sexuality spectrums don't come up often in discussion so I like having some nod to my classroom as a safe space for students who are looking for it. It's always amusing to watch kids stop to read it months into the school year. It sparks a good discussion between the kids, I love when other kids call each other on their prejudices.

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