May 9, 2016


I wasn't a notebook person until recently. I used scrap paper for the occasional to do list but mostly my system was electronic. At conferences I liked to have a notebook and everyone else seemed so excited about their notebooks that I figured I'd try it out. Staples has this lovely one - cardboard front and back, I want to say it's made of recycled materials but I'm not positive that's true. 

 My favorite part of this notebook is that it has three types of paper - lined, blank and graph. They are in two sections. I used the front half for miscellaneous stuff including these fun math problems! However, it's starting to fill up and people were talking about Arc Notebooks on twitter so I thought I'd check out my other options.
These notebooks are cool! You can pull pages out and pop them back in as needed. That means that I can reorganize. One part that is frustrating about my current notebook is that there are a bunch of lined pages followed by a bunch of blank pages followed by a bunch of graph paper. Sometimes I want graph paper next to my lined paper. 

So I picked up a set. A couple dividers/folders and a to do list pad. No more scrap paper to do lists that I worry about losing. They didn't have any graph paper at Staples but I might order some. I also plan to go back and use the coupon I got while checking out to get a hole punch (there's a portable one rather than that $40 one) and an elastic band. I thought the band was unnecessary but then I realized that I couldn't put a pen in the spiral if there was no spiral, so the band will hold my global math department pen!

 The accessories pop right into place!

The best part? It's nice and small and folds completely back. The notebook I currently have has a giant spiral on it as well as a thick cover so I'm excited for a version that will tuck into a bag more easily. And since it's refillable I don't have to worry about having a lot of paper in it at any given time so there's no need to get a bigger one - take out the stuff that I don't need (old to do lists) and add more paper as needed!

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