August 10, 2016

NCTM Booth

Summer is winding down and as fall approaches, so does conference season!

As part of the #expandMTBoS project we want to continue inviting more teachers to engage in our community. And to continue increasing awareness for all the new projects that continue appearing! A booth at a conference is a great way to achieve both of these objectives.

There are four upcoming NCTM conferences and we need local volunteers, coordinators, people paying registration and booth staffers. Use this doc to fill in your information in the appropriate spot!

Why do we need a list of people paying registration? Reserving a booth at a conference costs money, quite a lot of it. However, exhibitors get perks, like free badges. Turns out that you get six badges with a booth and six registration fees costs the same as reserving a booth! NCTM has ever so graciously agreed to do the fund shuffling internally so we don't have to pool the money to pay for the booth. It doesn't matter if your school pays or when the payment gets there, as long as you know you're attending and paying the full price then please include your name on that list!

Not sure what you're getting into? Here's a detailed document filled with information on volunteering at the Boston booth. Each booth works a bit differently but it gives you some idea of how things work. Feeling like you can handle volunteering and even a bit more? Maybe you'd like to be a coordinator? All the resources to organize a booth are available in this folder.  All of these resources are also useful if you want to share about our community at other conferences!

If you're interested in organizing an NCTM booth please let me know ASAP so I can put you in touch with our contact.

Can't attend but want to help? If you have advertising materials (stickers, business cards etc.) for a project you'd like to share reach out to one of the local people willing to receive mail. If you have an idea for how to better use the booth space, leave a comment on the 2016-2017 planning doc.

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