January 14, 2015

Nix the Tricks: Second Edition

It's finally officially here!!

I've been hard at work on the long overdue update. While the brunt of the writing got done in November as I'd hoped, there were images to design plus editing, editing and more editing that dragged on. But I think the final product is worth the wait (on your part) and the effort (on mine).

The second edition includes:

  • 29 new tricks.
  • Updates to several tricks from the first edition.
  • A new chapter organization method that's more balanced and  aligned with strands of topics.
  • A conclusion, including testaments from teachers nixing tricks in their own classrooms!

The new book is available in a variety of formats. The regular size pdf and tablet/kindle friendly pdf are available for free download. (I updated both today for some minor typos if you've been paying attention and already downloaded one.) The paperback is now 100 pages! You can order it directly from CreateSpace. It will be on Amazon soon (they need a few days to process). This edition is twice as long as the first, but not twice as expensive! (You're welcome.)

I can't possibly begin to thank everyone who has helped me get here. Michael Fenton did an impressive amount of editing so he gets a personal shout out - Thanks Michael! But the biggest thank you has to go to every single person who so much as mentioned this project to someone else. I never imagined how quickly or how widely word would spread. There were over 9,000 downloads of the first edition directly from the website (which launched just over a year ago). I cannot begin to imagine how that number extrapolates to how many people have read the book - between people emailing pdfs, printing copies and downloading from other sites that have posted the pdf.* It amazes me every time someone outside the MTBoS tells me that they've heard of the book. And as I've done no advertising, all of that is you.

Thank you all. Good luck nixing tricks and I hope to hear from you soon with successes or struggles (or typos, though I can't bear to typeset this thing another time this month). I will be at NCTM Boston and TMC and I'm always around on twitter.

*Which is in accordance with the copyright so long as the title and copyright pages are included and the download is free. More sharing is always better, but given the choice I'd rather people provide a link to NixTheTricks.com so visitors have access to other resources including updates!

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