November 4, 2014

November Goal

First, an announcement:

Nix the Tricks is now available in French!

The translation is titled Terminé les Trucs (you have no idea how much work it took to find a title that I was happy with, thanks for everyone who helped brainstorm). Caroline Arcand has been hard at work translating the finalized document. I learned a few new things - did you know the acronym for multiplying binomials is PIED in French instead of FOIL? Whether it's a foot or a fencing tool it's still a trick, so now those who speak French in math class can learn alternatives. The translation is available at the same download page as the English version; share it with all your French friends!

Second, my goal:

I'm setting a new NaNoWriMo goal - 30 new tricks in 30 days. Luckily (or unluckily?) we already have that many tricks described in the For Review google doc. So my goal for the month is less about writing and more about formatting. Because of this I have a stretch goal - the Vocabulary google doc is filled with great definitions - what if this was a glossary at the end of the book? My bet is that if someone filled in that document with terms in the book, as a community we could build some great definitions. If you are willing to be that someone, please leave a comment.

So, please hold me accountable! Tweet me (@crstn85) occasionally this month to ask me whether I'm working on edit, typesetting or images that day, because I should be working on one of those every day to reach this goal!

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