May 13, 2014


I have completed all of the requirements to become a foster parent!

Yesterday I got fingerprinted. Last night was our final training class, the certificate says that I completed the course. This afternoon was my final interview in the homestudy.

I officially requested:
High school age
1 kid at a time
Either gender (or, more accurately, anywhere on the gender spectrum!)
Emergency, short term or long term (after July)

And then my social worker mentioned a 12 year old with a terribly sad story and I immediately said I could make that work. There are some requirements I'll stick to (no history of violence, no major medical issues that prevent them from being home alone for even short periods of time) but I'm pretty flexible with everything else. The fingerprinting could take up to two weeks to get results (a CORI says I don't have a record in Massachusetts but fingerprinting gives them access to national records) so I may not get this placement. But at the rate kids are are getting placed I'm sure there will be someone else who will need me before I start my travels in July. Have I mentioned that there's a huge need for foster parents? It's true.


  1. Congratulations! You must be so excited

    1. I am! I can't wait to start before I have too much time to think "what if..."