September 21, 2013

Strategies Database

I took a course on Differentiation in Math, people read Embedded Formative Assessment and Teach Like a Pirate for Twitter Book Club and several of us reached the point where we had too many strategies to hold in our heads - we needed something easy to flip through when classes stagnated.

@Druinok made this awesome flipchart.  I wanted to make an online version of index cards that were searchable and sortable. People suggested Evernote. Kate graciously offered to set up a public notebook. I added my stuff. I couldn't decide how to format things so I let it fall to the wayside.

Whether or not you have evernote, you can view the notebook. Check out what I currently have. Add a note of your own. Leave a comment or edit the note with tags that would be helpful.[Edited 9/25: apparently you can't edit unless I add you, anyone want to transfer this to google docs?] I copied and pasted from the assignments I wrote for my class so the formats are inconsistent. It's a work in progress, but I'd rather it be a public work in progress than wait until it's nicely formatted! Eventually I'd love to have each note give a brief description of the strategy, link to blog posts with more complete descriptions or specific examples and have labels that would help someone search the database (indroductory vs. review type things).

Read stuff on Evernote.
Add stuff.
Propose tags (grand master Kate has to add them since she owns the note)
Use the strategies and share how they work!


  1. Man... I already started making my own list. I absolutely loved Embedded Formative Assessment and got to work right away. This is what I get for not being connected with everyone. Here is a link to my blog post and file if anyone cares for it:

    1. This doesn't include EfA yet. It's just stuff from my class so far. Feel free to add to it!