September 21, 2013

Sticky Quotes

Back in July, Chris shared some sticky quotes. I thought it was an awesome post that we should all write about and turn into a #matheme! Then, life happened. But it's not too late. Read our sticky quotes and share your own!

"Touch each paper as few times as possible"
When I started teaching I would walk around the room collecting papers from kids as they wrote their name on it and after wandering all over the room put the pile on my desk, then put the pile into a folder, then grade the papers, putting them back in the folder (rotating the ones I didn't get to during that grading session), then hand back the papers. I was touching too many papers, too many times. Not to mention all the wasted time wandering the room, answering the question "where do I put this?" a million times and never being 100% sure when I told a student "you never handed that in." Now, I have a filing system on the side table. Any time students have to hand something in, they put it in the slot for their class. If a student tries to give me a piece of paper I point them toward the folders. I only touch the papers once: remove them from the in-folder to grade them and place them in the out-folder. Then I check the out-folder at the beginning of class and have a student hand papers back while I answer questions. Sometimes I forget until mid-class and hand them back myself while students work (which gets me moving randomly through the classroom at a time I should be moving around the room). If a student claims they did something that isn't recorded in the gradebook I ask "did you put it in the folder?" and am confident I didn't lose it (forgetting to record the grade somewhere in the student paper - paper gradebook - online gradebook process is a separate question, but the kid should have the paper with the score if that happened).

How do you deal with the constant flow of papers?
What's a sticky quote you live by?

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