September 24, 2013

Pattern Puzzle

I have leftover yarn from another project that I want to use to crochet a blanket. So far I've crocheted two rows and I'm not sure what color to make the next row so I use up as much yarn as possible without needing to buy more yarn of any color. The stitch I'm using looks best if every row is a different color. I took some measurements and found:

1.8 oz white
5.3 oz multi
2.3 oz blue
11.8 oz brown

2 rows:
1.0 oz
1.25 inches x 5'8"

What order should I use the colors in? I want an easy to remember pattern ideally, so I don't have to look up the next color after every row. How big will the blanket be if I follow your pattern? If you don't think this is big enough for a blanket, what's the least amount of yarn I need to buy to get a full blanket?

Answers I get before 7 pm Sept. 25 will be taken into consideration. Answers I get after that will be interesting to chat about, but I'll have already committed to a plan.

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  1. If you have 0.5 oz/row, you have enough yarn for
    3W (white)
    10M (mult)
    4 L (blue)
    23 b (brown)

    You will have to end up with some brown next to brown, because you don't have enough other colors to alternate with.
    If you insist on changing color at each row, then you will end up with only 35 rows (18 brown alternating with 17 others).

    It is not clear whether the yarn you measured is before or after you did the brown, blue row pair. Assuming it is before, and that alternating is more important to you than using up yarn, you could do

    bLbWbLbMbMbMbMbMbWbMbMbMbMbMbLbWbLb (35 rows, 43.75"=3' 7.75")

    If using up yarn is more important and you want to start with the bL you have already done, and you want to maintain symmetry you could do

    bLbbWbbLbMbMbMbMbMbWbMbMbMbMbMbLbbWbbLb (39 rows, 4' 0.75")
    or put the extra browns all in the center:

    You could squeeze in one more brown if you want to break symmetry.