November 16, 2012

Day in the Life (Part 4)

It's Friday and we have 38 submissions to Day in the Life!  So we don't end up with one overwhelming list of all the posts I will share the contributions in small bundles for your reading pleasure. The first day we had 6 poststhen 12 more the next day, Thursday there are another dozen and today we have 6 more. Pick one, read them all at once or bookmark this page for later (they will also be on the #matheme page, but without the descriptions).  Don't forget to submit your contribution.

a day in the life on in stillness the dancing

In planning the lesson it seemed like it would go well. But the instruction took too long; students had too little time for practice. And when we got to the TIC TAC TOE game too many students had too little proficiency to make the activity worthwhile! No time to reflect effectively on the lesson ... will have to build in more work on writing and graphing linear equations.

This Too Shall Pass on It's all math.

Want to read about a crappy day in the life of a math teacher? Here's your chance!

Week as Math Educator - Day 4 on Mathie x Pensive

Entire Thursday, in first person plural perspective, with random math times. Most typical day yet! Read this one if none of the others, maybe?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 on Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

My name is Sam Shah, and I am a math teacher in Brooklyn, New York. And this is a day in my life.

A Day in the Life... November 15, 2012 on Long Tails of Int_e^r est

A private, all-boys, Catholic school in St Louis from wake up to bedtime. Block schedule teaching Trigonometry and Geometry.

#DITLife November14 on Musings

A day in the life of a teacher-educator in England. Describes how one lesson observation can take an entire day.

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