November 14, 2012

Day in the Life (Part 2)

Two days in and we're up to 19 submissions!  So we don't end up with one overwhelming list of all the posts I will share the contributions in small bundles for your reading pleasure. Yesterday we had 6 posts, here's 12 more. Pick one, read them all at once or bookmark this page for later (they will also be on the #matheme page, but without the descriptions).  Don't forget to submit your contribution.

Day in the Life: Dulce Edition on f(t)

In which I let 14 year olds play with sharp objects.

A Day in the Life: Dictated (Dragon-style) on Hilbert's Hotel

I used Dragon Dictation to record things soon after they happened. Actually a pretty "normal" day, but it is hectic and crazy when you look back and think about it.

Today’s Roles: IT Department, Programmer, Lecturer, Assessor, Tutor, Co-ordinator…. on Roots of the Equations

I wear a lot of hats at my job. I wore 6 today, from time to time. Who knows what tomorrow will hold? I jot down what I did, usually while walking, because that when I had the time to take notes.

A Day in the Life of a Teacher on mrsakahoshi

A typical day at a large inner city high school. A puppy is involved, along with Trigonometry, Precalculus, Integrated Math, and AP Statistics.

A Day in the Life - Math Teacher Edition on My Web 2.0 Journey

I tried to keep track all day of what time I was doing what... And just reading over it all tonight made me tired! :)

A Typical Tuesday on square root of negative one

My day in photos, or at least that was the goal.

A Day in the Life: cheesemonkeysf edition on cheesemonkey wonders

Another glamour-filled day in the life of a middle school math and English teacher. Imagine the possibilities.

Week as Math Educator - Day 2 on Mathie x Pensive

Entire Tuesday, in second person perspective, with time checks. More hectic with more error handling than Monday. Includes blood donation and the quadratic function worrying she has a complex. To be continued Wednesday.

Day in the Life on Infinite Sums

I chronicle Tuesday the 13th, a day of postering for the most part. Nothing particularly crazy, but it was a good day given that I have two preps and coach a sport.

A day in the life (of a math teacher) on Sum Math Madness

This wasn’t one of my better teaching days – since I didn’t do much (quiz day), but it was certainly busy enough and I think it shows rather nicely – a day in the life of a math teacher.

Day in the life of a boarding school teacher. on A Brand New Line

Tuesday is the longest day of my week. Here, read about all 17 hours of it.

The Day in the Life of Hana High School's 0.5 teacher on Who's a Math Nerd? **Raising Hand**

Quote of my job: "Getting paid half time but working full time."

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