November 15, 2012

Day in the Life (Part 3)

Three days down and there are 31 submissions!  So we don't end up with one overwhelming list of all the posts I will share the contributions in small bundles for your reading pleasure. The first day we had 6 posts, then 12 more the next day, today there are another dozen. Pick one, read them all at once or bookmark this page for later (they will also be on the #matheme page, but without the descriptions).  Don't forget to submit your contribution.

A Day in the Life of a Mathematics Educator on Finding Ways to Nguyen Students Over

My day was remarkably uneventful (boring as hell), but I didn't know that until it was all over.

A Day in the Life... on thenumbertwentyone

One of the least successful days I have had in a long time. A string of bombed lessons.

A Day in the Life on Numbers

“Uh, I’ve been absent for nine days, did I miss anything?”

A Day in the Life on Take It To The Limit

A pretty normal day of teaching Geometry and Algebra 3, but I went totally off the geek end after school when another teacher and I played with non-base-10 arithmetic.

Week as Math Educator - Day 3 on Mathie x Pensive

Entire Wednesday, in third person perspective, with event checks. Calmer than Tuesday. Includes conic question and reflection on math v science. To be continued Thursday.

A Day in the Life of a Math Teacher Mama on Ms. Zimmer Teaches in Mathland

Looking for keys that are already in my pocket, trying to get to the bathroom, and other musing of a math teacher mom.

A Day In The Life on The Space Between The Numbers

Do private school teachers have it easier? Probably. Do we have cushy jobs? Absolutely not.

Tuesday ... or any other day for that matter. on 2 + 2 = 5

Just a regular day of my life - work, kids, life!

A day in the life of a Math teacher / debate coach on Success

Math Teacher, Department Chair, Debate coach who is hosting a tournament this week. I think I need 30 hours per day this week instead of the usual 24.

Diary of a math math teacher! Or, a day in the life on Curiouser and Curiouser

I'm a continuous learner, especially while on walking the dog. Did you know that for 70 years Coke only cost only a nickel?

A day in the life... on Finding the Process

Like the luge in the Winter Olympics, this day got started fast (and early!) and kept flashing around turns. I'm always amazed at how much teachers can pack into a day.

Day in the Life of Ms. Kohn on Growing Exponentially

Typical school day of doing math, lesson planning, email checking, teacher chatting. Atypical evening with 16 parent/teacher conferences and going out on a Wednesday.

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