May 1, 2018

Conferences Galore

I've been swept up in the post-NCTM whirlwind of ideas. A few updates:

The MTBoS booth had a raffle where if people shared their favorite problem or solved someone else's favorite problem they were entered in a raffle. We gave away a lot of books (some were mine and some were graciously donated) but more importantly we had a lovely analogy of what the MTBoS is like. We share things we're excited about and that enthusiasm inspires others. I also got to model "convince me" language since I didn't have an answer key! I scanned the 20 problems we received and posted them. Problem solve and share your solutions (warn people before any spoilers please!).

I updated the booth descriptions to make it easier for anyone to host a booth. Read through and figure out what role you might like to take on at a future conference.

Finally, I've been hard at working taking my energy from NCTM and rolling it forward to the next conference - TMC! We have great stuff in store for you this summer, but we can't continue this conference without a (graciously donated) space to meet. If you think your school might be interested in hosting TMC, now is the time to ask. Details in this doc.

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