April 29, 2018

Finding the Words: Learning the Language of Mathematics

My 2017-2018 conference season has ended with a great week at the NCTM Annual Conference in D.C. This year I spoke about teaching students the language of mathematics, sporting some variation of the title "Finding the Words: Learning the Universal Language of Mathematics (Yes, We Do Write in Math Class)" and gave presentations between 45 and 90 minutes long. The longest version was at ATMNE and the most recent version was at NCTM so both of those slide decks are in the resources folder. There are many things I love about math ed twitter (and I got to share lots of them at the MTBoS booth during the conference) but at this particular moment I love that I have a record of people's reactions and highlights from my presentation. I've shared some of them below, for more detail on anything you see (references, related blog posts, all the slides) head to the resources folder. While this was probably the last time I will present this particular session (unless someone wants to hire me to do a workshop at their school), Max and I will be presenting a similar session on the Language Routines in the Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum at PCTM this summer.


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