July 31, 2013

What’s one good thing about the MTBoS?

Twitter prompt today got some awesome responses.  Didn't want y'all to miss out just because you didn't get to attend my lunch meeting.

Check them out!

Might be talking about #MTBoS at lunch meeting today. What’s one good thing you’ve gotten out of this online community? Deadline: noon. Go!

Gregory Taylor ‏@mathtans
Broadens perspectives beyond district, beyond country. Highlights similarities as well as differences.

samjshah ‏@samjshah
so many windows into so many Ts classrooms & best practices. And unexpectedly, the opportunity to be real friends w/these teachers!

Gregory Taylor ‏@mathtans
Mostly ideas for teaching concepts from blogs of others. Lucky to already have support where I am.

Nicholas Chan ‏@SergtPeppa
seeing how other teachers think through, present materials. Seeing how people think about new topics (#sbg etc) Good luck! #MBToS

Lisa Henry ‏@lmhenry9
#MTBoS has given me validation & support. I am 1 of 3 HS math teachers in my district. Nice to have a comm. of others like-minded.

Hannah ‏@HannahTolla
so many new strategies to try!

Wendy Menard ‏@wmukluk
Forum for book discussions, curriculum ideas, diverse [geographically and otherwise] professional learning community #MTBoS

Summer Sartain ‏@mathdiva77
it gives me people to commiserate with who can truly understand the struggles of the classroom and they have suggestions to help

S T ‏@druinok
#MTBoS people that push me to be a better teacher

Dan Anderson ‏@dandersod
just 1 thing? Feedback of the highest quality. Pros,cons, changes on any idea/lesson/activity/etc from experienced, energetic pple.

David Price ‏@compactspaces
The new teacher support everyone is always talking about but seems to be pro forma most places

Mark Sanford ‏@hfxmark
As a pre-service tchr it gave me the freedom to ask questions and interact with like minded educators in a no-threat environ.

Kate ‏@fourkatie
Broader perspective, a wealth current content information, and genuine friendships. #MTBoS

Matt Owen ‏@_MattOwen_
Confidence to try new things

Mary Bourassa ‏@MaryBourassa
Source of great ideas - it's like the never-ending well when mine has gone dry.

Michael Pershan ‏@mpershan
I'm teacher-uneducated, and Kate, Dan and Sam's blogs provided me with my only real models of math teaching.
I mean, they provided me with my only models during my first year of teaching.
Now, I really rely on the #MTBoS to help me think through new ideas.
(And by "new ideas" I mean "new to me.")

Julie ‏@jreulbach
endless resources from amazing teachers and the ability to discuss them!

Megan Hayes-Golding ‏@mgolding
#MTBoS has given me collaborators

Lydia Kirkman ‏@lydiakirkman
shared passion and collaboration!

Justin Lanier ‏@j_lanier
My ability to understand, appreciate, & generate meaningful experiences for students involving Air Bud jokes has greatly increased.
But seriously: a group of folks who share ideas that then get taken up by others and run with. Which gives a feeling of no ceiling.

Marsha Foshee ‏@MarshaFoshee
Comraderie and enthusiasm for the subject matter.  (I realize that's actually 2 things.)

Bob Lochel ‏@bobloch
Collaboration w/network of great educators outside my dept. Example, exchange of ideas between NikD and I: http://mathcoachblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/linear-programming-with-friends/ …

Didn't get a chance to respond to the initial prompt?  Leave a comment with your own idea!  We'll be using these quotes for other purposes I'm sure (say something extra special and you may end up somewhere exciting!).


  1. To open yourself up to an endless PLN full of other math educators you would otherwise never have had the pleasure to learn from, interact and become friends with. I love finding like minded individuals and people with different thoughts and belief than I have because I learn from all of them.

  2. Increases opportunities for reflection and exposure to new ideas, stretches you in new directions, and gives you the support, feedback, and encouragement you wouldn't get if you taught with your door closed.

  3. I say Ditto! Real collaboration, real math tasks, real feedback, great nerd friends that make you feel like you belong! And yah, what Anna says, ENCOURAGEMENT!