July 18, 2013

Exploring the MathTwitterBlogosphere

Coming in October 2013!!!

This year, we’re going to be holding a updated version of the Math Blogger Initiation that happened last year! We were crazy surprised by how many people were interested in joining up and trying something new -- blogging with other math teachers! This year, we are planning to have a slightly different program for people to join called:

We’re designing it to help those who are either just starting out with the mathtwitterblogosphere or for those who have dipped their toes in and want to get even more involved. Or even if you have dropped off the face of the virtual planet and want to join in! Each week we will post a new adventure for you to participate in involving the online math teacher community. And we are planning a virtual reward for those who participate in every event! However you don’t have to participate every week -- you have to do what’s good for you. By the end, we hope you feel like you know much of what’s out there. Ultimately, the end goal is personal growth (not comments and blog readership).

Join us on this exciting adventure! Meet new friends! Get tons of new ideas!

Let the fun begin!

-Julie, Justin, Sam and Tina


  1. This is great, I can't wait to participate!

  2. We can't wait to see what you come up with! Stay tuned for more announcements.

  3. Can't wait, grabbed the button for my blog!

    Hope you are all having fun at TMC 13