April 24, 2013

Global Math: Understanding by Design

Last night Daniel, Elizabeth and I presented Understanding by Design on Global Math.  The full recording is now available for your viewing pleasure.

People were excited about this page, so here it is in all it's glory!  We talked about the importance of knowing exactly what we want students to take with them beyond our classes (enduring understandings) before we start teaching.  I also shared how this document is a great way to think about differentiation (either within a class or between Honors and standard courses).

(written by UbD PD providers, all rights to them)

We had hoped to give you time to brainstorm essential questions by course, but got too excited talking about our experiences for that to happen.  However, google docs don't disappear after presentations!  So, I have created a folder with all the categories we created.  I would love to see these documents filled with Enduring Understandings (the big ideas we want students to leave our class with) and Essential Questions (the discussion questions or prompts we will use to get our students learning).  Feel free to reformat the documents as you see fit, and I think you even have the option to add new documents (so, for example, elementary and middle school teachers can create grade or topic based documents as you see fit!).  Check those out and start adding: Essential Question Google Docs

At the end of the evening I talked a bit about Attend to Precision/Nix the Tricks and asked for feedback on where we should go from here.  Since it's difficult to have a conversation when only one person is talking, I created a survey!  If you don't see it below, head here: Nix the Tricks Next Steps


  1. Hi there,
    so sorry i missed your global math lecture live!
    Can I add more to Nix? Like smiley face and frowny face for parabolas opening up and down. And "undistribute" for factoring.
    What do you all think of the graph of a parabola whose roots are not real numbers being called a "floater?"

    Amy Zimmer

    1. Go ahead and add them yourself! There are 3 more days of free for all, then I'll close and we'll start editing.