April 22, 2015

NCTM Boston - The Experience

It was awesome!! Despite my whining I had a great time prepping for the booth and figuring out how to best display all the amazing aspects of our community. The weekend itself was a whirlwind of people. I hardly left the booth to go to sessions, not because I was stuck there, but because a session could hardly compare to the energy or the people at the booth. I got to introduce people to the existence of our community, greet people who were just getting started, expand the horizons of people who knew about one aspect of our multi-faceted corner of the internet and connect avatars of old friends to three dimensional walking, talking beings!

I put all the photos I compiled into a google+ album. Soon it'll have one of those cool story things but I don't feel like waiting to post this.

If you have any thoughts on the booth, please share them. If you want to run one at a future conference near you, please sign up. Thank you so, so much to everyone who made this an awesome experience.

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