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10 Good Things
A Day in the Life of a Math Educator
Letters to New Teachers
Teaching, Our Profession

Classroom Setup
First Day/Week
The Year/Semester in Review

Standards Based Grading and Assessments
Noticing and Wondering
Writing in Math
Grant Wiggins Challenge

Ongoing Weekly Themes

Sunday Funday
Makeover Monday
Global Math Department
My Favorite Friday

10 Good Things

One Good Thing Blog

Ten Good Things about my year so far on Carl's Teaching Blog

Exorcising Teacher Demons on Pythagoras was a Nerd

10 Good Things on Connected Teaching and Learning

My #10goodthings on Viewpoints

#10goodthings I've Learned This Year on The Learning Kaleidoscope

#10goodthings on BYOD, ASAP

#10GoodThings on One Eye On Education

#10GoodThings on Mr. Orr is a Geek

Re: 10 Good Things - a Reflection on Technoraza 5.0

10 Good Things on Beyond Angry Birds 2.0

#10GoodThings on Brian Aspinall

10 Good Things - A Reflection on Engage Thinking

#10GoodThings on Mathy Cathy

10 Good Things on Insert Clever Math Pun Here

A Day in the Life of a Math Educator

DITLife Tumblr with these posts (and more!) searchable by tags

Blogging Initiative (check the comments for many Day in the Life posts)

A Day in the Life, Math Teacher 2012 Edition on Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

A Day in My Life on An "Old Math Blog" Learning New Tricks

A day in the life of a math/stats teacher. on roughlynormal.wordpress.com

Week as Math Educator - Day 1 on Mathie x Pensive

A Typical Tuesday on square root of negative one

Week as Math Educator - Day 2 on Mathie x Pensive

Day in the Life on Infinite Sums

The Day in the Life of Hana High School's 0.5 teacher on Who's a Math Nerd? **Raising Hand**

A Day in the Life of a Mathematics Educator on Finding Ways to Nguyen Students Over

A Day in the Life... on thenumbertwentyone

A Day in the Life on Numbers

A Day in the Life on Take It To The Limit

Week as Math Educator - Day 3 on Mathie x Pensive

A Day in the Life of a Math Teacher Mama on Ms. Zimmer Teaches in Mathland

A Day In The Life on The Space Between The Numbers

A day in the life... on Finding the Process

Day in the Life of Ms. Kohn on Growing Exponentially

a day in the life on in stillness the dancing

This Too Shall Pass on It's all math.

Week as Math Educator - Day 4 on Mathie x Pensive

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 on Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

A Day in the Life... November 15, 2012 on Long Tails of Int_e^r est

#DITLife November14 on Musings

An Unusual Day in the Life on Drawing on Math

A Day in the Life: Berlin Edition on I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down

Week as Math Educator - Day 5 on Mathie x Pensive

Letter to a new teacher/student teacher

Compilation (.pdf and .doc available) on Bowman in Arabia

Call for Advice for New Teachers on Bowman in Arabia

An Open Letter to New Teachers on Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

Mentor Teacher Advice on Approximately Normal

Letter to New Teachers on I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down

New Teacher Advice on Room 289 Math

Advice From a New Teacher on A Brand New Line

Life in the Gray on Always Formative

A Letter to My First-Year Teacher Self on Mathy McMatherson

Unsolicited Advice for New and Novice Teachers on Outside the Cave

Dear New Teacher on Physics! Blog!

Dear First-Year Teacher on Fawn Nguyen

My Advice for a First Year Teacher on Bowman in Arabia

Letter to a First-Year Teacher on The Space Between the Numbers

This is Heart Work on Educating Grace

Letter to a New(er) Teacher on Rational Expressions

Welcome to Teaching on Drawing on Math

New Teacher Advice on Infinite Sums

Letter from Emily on Bowman in Arabia

Letter from Tom on Bowman in Arabia

Advice for New Teachers: Goals on Continuities

Advice to a New Teacher on Continuous Reflection

Are you sure you want to do this? on Function of Time

My Letter to a New Teacher on Altering the Course

Letter to a New Teacher on Random Teaching Tangents

For the Interns and the First-Years on Trust Me - I'm a Math Teacher

A Letter to my NQT self on Teaching: Leading Learning

For the Interns and the First-Years: 2013 Edition on Trust Me - I'm a Math Teacher

Nobody Tells this to Beginners on DIY: Math PD

Finished Year One on Not an Ordinary Day

Basketball Golf Task on Musing Mathematically

Dear New Teacher (A Post About a Cheeto) on Infinite Sums

Dear Second Year Teacher on Infinite Sums

Dear Me, as a New Teacher on The Radical Rational

Dear New Teachers on Mr. Vaudrey

A Message to Preservice Teachers on Pythagoras was a Nerd

Letter to the Next Teacher on Hilbert's Hotel

Teaching, Our Profession

Teaching is Intellectual Work on Peg Cagle's

Trying Not to Leave the Classroom on ThinkThankThunk

I Will Not Quit on Drawing on Math

Twin Pressures on Good Novice Teachers on dy/dan

When Does Teaching Cease to be a Challenge? on Mr. Honner

Something for me, something for you on Rational Expressions

SDB 2013 Conference on Finding Ways to Nguyen Students Over

Letter To A Young Teacher on Practical Theory

To Secretary Duncan: policies should support teaching profession, not test-based accountability on The Mathematics Teaching Community

My Three Cents on the Common Core on Finding Ways to Nguyen Students Over

The Hardest Job Everyone Thinks They Can Do on Musings on Life and Love

An Open Letter to New Teach for America Recruits on @ The Chalk Face

My response to Arne Duncan's Common Core Speech on Critical Classroom, Critical Kids

A Teacher's Plea to Bill and Melinda Gates on Diane Ravitch

You'll Have to Drag Me Out on Infinite Sums

Why I Won't Quit on Ms. Robert's Room

Why I Don't Quit {A Letter of Non-Resignation} on Misscalcul8

Is This Where You Want to Be? on Reflecting on my Education

Why I Don't Quit on Every Day is Different

Classroom Setup

Check out the Pinterest Board of photos which link to blog posts!

Welcome to Room 148 on The Radical Rational

ISYMIYSMY Classroom Edition on Approximately Normal

Classroom Layout on Drawing on Math

Setting up my New Room! on Solve and Simplify

Bulletin Boards on Teaching Statistics

Summer Randomness on My Web 2.0 Journey

A Work in Progress (My Room) on Solve and Simplify

I'm Done! on My Web 2.0 Journey

My Classroom (2012-13 Edition) on Teaching Statistics

New Year's Resolutions 12-13 on MissCalcul8

Classroom Setup Part 2 on Mathtastrophe

Made for Math: Calendar and Classroom on Drawing on Math

#Made4Math-My classroom! on Success

My Room v. 8.0 on Take it to the Limit

Made for Math #2: My Classrooms on The Space Between the Numbers

MS Sunday Funday – Classroom Setup and Goals on I Speak Math
(go to this link to find all 22 submissions)

I'll Show You Mine: Supply Closet on Drawing on Math

My Classroom... 2013-14 on Teaching Statistics

My Room on I Speak Math

MS Sunday Funday – Math Classroom Setup on I Speak Math
(go to this link to find all 13 submissions)

Your Official Guide to Math Classroom Decorations on Math Coach Blog

What's On My Classroom Walls on Math = Love

One Wall on Drawing on Math

What's on My Classroom Walls on Wheeler's Thoughts on Teaching

First Day/Week

Global Math Dept Webinar: What To Do on the First Day of School

Live-Blogging My First Day Activities on Mathy McMatherson

MS Sunday Funday – First Day / First Week Activities on I Speak Math
(go to this link and scroll down, at the bottom of the post are all 20 submissions)

HS Sunday Funday – First Day / First Week Activities on Real and Irrational
(go to this link to find all 14 submissions)

Starting the New Year Right on Cheesemonkey Wonders

New Teacher Training Day 1a on Clopen Mathdebater

First Day of Class on Math Mama Writes

First Days on Drawing on Math

Week 1: Words into Math Block Game on Cheesemonkey Wonders

My First Day Activities: Survival Game & Chaos Game on The Radical Rational

First Day Back (well, on 8/7)... HOLY CHEEEZITS on Approximately Normal

First Day Scavenger Hunt on Megan Hayes-Golding

Using QR Codes on My Web 2.0 Journey

What's Your Math Number- First Day of School Activity on Math Tales from the Spring

First Week Activities on Misscalcul8

First Week of School Icebreakers on Math Tales from the Spring

Next Year I Will... Play Ice Breaker Bingo on Prime Factors

First Day Challenge: The 4 E's on Math Projects

First Day PreCalculus on Math Teacher Mambo

What Should the First Day of School Look Like? on Planting Ideas

First Day Homework on Math Teacher Mambo

Getting To Know You Survey on Megan Hayes-Golding

2013-2014 Day 1 on Mathtermind

A New Kind of First Day on Reason and Wonder

First Day of Class - did it go as well as I thought? on Success

Amazing Icebreakers on #msSunFun
(go to this link to find all 7 submissions)

On the First Day of Christmas School on Without Geometry, Life is Pointless

Once Again, Day One on Math Mama Writes

First Day of School on The Math Forum

Calculus Day 1 on Math Teacher Mambo

Applying my goal to an annoying question *Opening week activity* on Planting Ideas

First Day Activities on Growing Exponentially

First week! Factor Craze and Pascal's Triangle on I Speak Math

First Day/First Week on Sunday Funday
(head to this link to find 18 more links)

Week 1 Finished on An "Old Math Dog" Learns New Tricks

Best First Day Ever! on Take It To The Limit

Week 1: Why My First Day Activity Didn't Go At All As I Had Hoped (and Why That's Awesome) on Trust Me - I'm a Math Teacher

DayOne-ish & Mathalicious on Reflections from an Asymptote

First Day Report on Math Teacher Mambo

First Day on Everybody is a Genius

First Day on Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

First Day LOVE on CLopen Mathdebater

Week 1 Teaching on I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down

First Day on Appetite for Instruction

DELETED SCENE: Harry Potter and the Logical Statement — GEO (statements, compound statements, and truth tables) on Cheesemonkey Wonders

Have Students Introduce Themselves to Talking Points — Algebra 1 Day 2-ish on cheesemonkey wonders


New Year's Resolutions 12-13 on MissCalcul8

Start... Continue... Stop... on Teaching Statistics

Start, Continue, Stop on Drawing on Math

Start, Continue, Stop on High Heels in High School

MS Sunday Funday – Classroom Setup and Goals on I Speak Math
(go to this link to find all 22 submissions)

Teaching Resolution: Stop Talking on Solving Problems

Start, Continue, Stop on Misscalcul8

Summer Work on Square Root of Negative One Teach Math

Summer To Do List on Growing Exponentially

Next Year I Will... Keep a Student Binder on Prime Factors

Goals for 2013-2014 on Reason and Wonder

SMART goal - raising students' self-efficacy on Curiouser and Curiouser

MS Sunday Funday - Goals for 2013-2014 on I Speak Math
(go to this link to find all 6 submissions)

It's Starting ... on langer.kogut.math

My Goals for the 2013-2014 School Year on Altering the Course

2013-2014... Ready to Rock It! on I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down

Where I'm At and Where I Need To Be on Sergt Peppa

Being Intentional is HARD on Teaching Statistics

Goals for the Spring on Type-A Mathland

The Year/Semester in Review

This holiday season, won’t you give the gift of Math Ed? on Emergent Math

The Gift of Math Ed on The Problem Bank

7 Best, 5 Worst on Rational Expressions

The Best Blogging of 2012 on Rational Expressions

Tops of 2012 on An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks

2012 Year in Review... on Teaching Statistics

Most Read in 2012 on Square Root of Negative One Teach Math

Wall of Remediation: A How-To Guide on Mathy McMatherson

If You Aren’t Trying to Improve, You Really Aren’t Doing Your Job on Models By Design

The Silent Struggle on Math-termind

Top Blog Posts of the Year (You need to read these!) on So I Teach Math and Coach?

The Best and Worst of Times to Teach on EdTech Researcher

The Right Thing, Said Once on Physics! Blog!

The Best Teacher Blogs of 2012 on Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

2012 - The Year in Review on Mr. Honner

2012: A Year in Review on Math = Love

My Annual Report 2012 on dy/dan
(check the comments to find links to other annual reports in the same style)

My Favorites of 2012 on I Speak Math

MS Sunday Funday Favorites of 2012 on I Speak Math
(5 contributions linked in the post)

PreCalc: Semester 1 on Drawing on Math

Wrap Up on Infinite Sums

Time to Reflect and Regather on A Portrait of the Math Teacher as an Aging Man

Semester Wrap Up on Math Teacher Mambo

Math Blogging Retrospectus 2013 on Emergent Math

End of 2013 Mid-School Year Reflections on An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks

End of Semester Surveys on Math Teacher Mambo

So Long, 2013 on Square Root of Negative One Teach Math

A Pat on the Back on The Space Between the Numbers

Starting the Summer Off Right on Just Tell Me the Answer

Hello Again (Reflections on Fall Semester) on Type-A Mathland


Devise a Plan to Organize on TMC13 Wiki

Mission #6: Borrowing and Regrouping on Explore MTBoS
(follow the link to find links to MANY more posts)

How I Organize this Vast World on Jaz_math

TCH: Org Chart on Mathie x Pensive

Organization that works for the Disorganized me. on Faith, Hope and Math

Why INBs are a tool for equity and social justice on Cheesemonkey Wonders

My Version of Interactive Notebooks (INBs) on An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks


Reflecting on homework on Borschtwithanna

I Don't Grade Homework. Here's How I Grade Homework. on MichaelisMath

Grading and Assessments

SBG Beginners Wiki

Standards-Based Grading Implementation on Always Formative
(there are 20 links on this page, a neatly organized goldmine!)

Better Assesssments: an entire blog dedicated to analyzing assessments

SBG for the Rest of the Students on An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks

SBG and Motivation on Teaching Statistics

How I did SBG in AP Stat on Teaching Statistics

SBG + Holistic Rubric on Misscalcul8

SBG in Practice on MT|SM

SBG Changes? on An "Old Math Dog" Learning New Tricks

Conjunctive SBG on Take It To The Limit

Standards Based Grading - All in, for the new year on Gealgerobophysiculus

A Question: Why Don't We Brag About Assessments? on MathyMcMatherson

My Favorite Test Question of All Time on Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

Drafting an Exam on Drawing on Math

Creating Assessments: Three Types of Standards on MathyMcMatherson

Questions are Expensive! on Angles of Reflection

Grade Them Out of 10? on The Roots of the Equation

Bellwork as Practice and How I Grade It on Mathy McMatherson

Assessment: Theory into Practice on Jon Lind Teacher Page

Noticing and Wondering

Noticing and Wondering in High School on The Max Ray Blog

My Class Noticed and Wondered on Success

Intro to Projectile Motion on Megan Hayes-Golding

Noticing and Wondering on Resolving Dissonance

Noticing and Wondering on An "Old Math Dog" Learns New Tricks

Notice and Wonder on Just Your Standard Deviation

Analyzing Student Questions on Constructing Math

T-Shirts! on Mathreuls

Noticing and Wondering in Elementary School on Annie at the Math Forum

26 Questions You Can Ask Instead on The Max Ray Blog

Noticing and Wondering in Middle School on Suzanne at the Math Forum

Noticing and Wondering in High School (Algebra 2) on Ms. Z Teaches in Mathland

Our First Noticing and Wondering! on Algebra's Friend

Journaling in Math Class on Drawing on Math

I'm Trying to Notice on Just Try Something

Can Novices Do "I Notice, I Wonder"? You Betcha! on Annie at the Math Forum

Noticing and Wondering as a practice with my 6th graders on Cheesemonkey Wonders

I Notice, I Wonder (Part 1) on Mathematical Musings

Notice and Wonder MCAS Edition on Drawing on Math

Noticing and Wondering as a practice with my 6th graders on Cheesemonkey Wonders

What it means to be a part of a learning community - Tribal Elder Edition on Cheesemonkey Wonders

Teaching Mathalicious' "Harmony of Numbers" lesson on ratios, part 1 (grade 6, CCSSM 6.RP anchor lesson) on Cheesemonkey Wonders


The $2 Interactive Whiteboard on Action-Reaction

Math Whiteboarding on Bowman in Arabia

Whiteboarding Mistake Game: A Guide on Physics! Blog!

Whiteboarding in the Classroom a theoretical article from Buffalo State

Argumentation part 2 on Always Formative

My 3 Favorite Math Whiteboarding Modes on Bowman in Arabia

Experiments with Math Whiteboarding on Bowman in Arabia

Whiteboarding activities in the MS/Algebra 1 classroom: Part 1 on Borscht With Anna

Whiteboarding activities in the MS/Algebra 1 classroom: Part 2 on Borscht With Anna

Function Iron Chef on Bowman in Arabia

My Whiteboarding Framework on Musing Mathematically

Round Robin Review on RawsonMath

Whiteboard Speed Dating on Physics! Blog!

Dry Erase Practice Folders on Square Root of -1 Teach Math

Whiteboard Experiments: Practice and Reflect on Bowman in Arabia

Whiteboard Experiments: Modified Mistake Game on Bowman in Arabia

Whiteboarding: Getting Students to Read Your Mind on Hilbert's Hotel

New Geometry Unit 0 — Intro to Logic on Cheesemonkey Wonders


Differentiation … I can do better! on Algebra's Friend

The Differentiation Domino on Curiouser and Curiouser

City Lots fractions task keeps ALL students thinking on Curiouser and Curiouser

MS-Sunday Funday- DIfferentiation in the Classroom on Hodge's Herald

Differentiation in the Math Classroom on Traveling Math Teacher

May we work together? on In Stillness the Dancing

Colorful, Differentiated Learning with Math Stations on I Speak Math

Exponentials in Context on Drawing on Math

Beneficial Math Homework in Elementary School on Educational Aspirations

Thoughts on homework on Borscht With Anna

Worksheets and Differentiation – Not Always Mutually Exclusive! on Math Coach Blog

Homework…. a NECESSARY evil… and a PEP TALK on Jack of All Trades

Homework Choice Allows Differentiation and Encourages Creativity on I Speak Math

Math Homework- it shouldn’t be readiness only! on In the Middle

Help wanted: differentiating math homework while implementing the Common Core on Curiouser and Curiouser

Differentiation Saxon Math Homework on Resolving Dissonance

Homework, Bane or Bliss?!? on Algebra's Friend

Differentiating homework with rich tasks on Teach, Refine, Repeat

MS Funday Sunday Homework Differentiation on Hodge's Herald

Writing in Math

Students communicating mathematics has opened my eyes to mathematical ugliness (and what that means to me) on Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

Let's try this again... Writing in Math, take 3 on Teaching Statistics

Math Journals on Drawing on Math

Writing...ugh on The Radical Rational

Trig Intro: An Applet on Drawing on Math

Grant Wiggins Challenge

Answering the Conceptual Questions on Step One: Try Something

Answers to Grant Wiggin's Test on Google Doc by @daveinstpaul

In which I take the "Grant Wiggins Challenge" on The Max Ray Blog

The Grant Wiggins Conceptual Understanding Challenge on Mr. Honner

Wiggins questions #1#2, #3, #4, #5, #6#7 (all separate posts) on Overthinking My Teaching

Sunday Funday

Middle School Sunday Funday Archive on I Speak Math

High School Sunday Funday Archive on Real and Irrational


Introducing Made for Math Mondays on Teaching Statistics

Made for Math Submission Form on Teaching Statistics

Weekly Post Archive on Made4Math

Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday: Introduction on dy/dan

Global Math Department #globalmath


Global Math Dept. Website

My Favorite Friday

The Side Effects of the Interwebs on Teaching Statistics

My Favorite Friday Submission Form on Teaching Statistics

Weekly Post Archive on Teaching Statistics

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