November 17, 2014

Unit Plans and Requests

I miss writing here. I really want to process how Algebra 1 is going because I'm putting so much work into that class (90 minutes every day and I'm not following a particular book). So far all I've managed are my short notes in my unit plans, but that's better than nothing. This month has been dedicated to writing the second edition of Nix the Tricks, but it wouldn't hurt to take a break to write about something here. So, here's the deal. Below I'm going to embed my unit 2 plan for both Algebra 1 and PreCalc. Then I'm going to ask you what you want to know about. I took most of the Algebra 1 lessons from the MTBoS and PreCalc isn't much different from last year so nothing in particular jumps out at me as urgent to share - that means you get to pick!

Browse away:

Now ask some questions! They don't have to be about a specific lesson in these plans, I'm happy to write about class structure (and how frustrating it is when that structure is ruined for my PreCalc class a million times in a row due to short days and field trips) or anything else you're wondering about. So comment! Please!

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