November 18, 2012

Graphing a Picture (with Trig)

I was inspired by Epsilon-Delta to assign my PreCalc students a project to create a picture using graphs.

I had a great time making a model (using Desmos Graphing Calculator).

I showed them my example on a Wednesday, then they had all class Friday to work on it (while I was at NCTM) and it was due the following Tuesday if they hadn't finished in class (we run an A/B day 90 minute block schedule).

To make the assignment clear, and to make it easy for me to grade, I gave them a checklist of required characteristics.

Graphing a Picture

My original intention was to pick a few examples to share, but there were just too many good ones, so you're getting a complete slide show!  (Cropped to protect the names of the innocent.)

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