November 19, 2012

Day in the Life: Recap and Moving Forward

THANK YOU for reading, writing, sharing your day or spreading the word.  Since the last update there have been 14 new submissions, which puts us over 50 total!  And it sounds like there are still more coming.  I'd love for this initiative to continue expanding, so I created a tumblr.  The latest submissions are below, but from now forward contributions will only be posted on  I'd never used tumblr before but now that I've set one up it seems most appropriate for sharing links.  You can still follow it by RSS and read the posts in google reader or similar, but it's also searchable by tags and maybe we will discover a new community of tumblrs who can join the twitterblogosphere!

Now that the "Day in the Life" week is officially over, what's next?  I've asked for ideas and come up with a few of my own.  I'd love to hear your feedback on these, other ideas and volunteers to kick these off!

  • Re-blog, re-tweet, share on facebook and send this to big people/media (Justin Reich, Dan Meyer, Diane Ravitch and Arne Duncan were mentioned specifically)
  • Continue getting new people to share a Day in their Life (try to reach different circles of educators)
  • Personally I found this challenging to do, so repeating the experience of logging an entire day is unappealing, but posting a snippet like I did on Sunday is doable.  Lots of short clips is just as good (better?) than a full day.  There's a submit page if you'd like to contribute directly to tumblr.
  • Record yourself reading part of your DITLife post, it's interesting to hear the voice behind the screen.
  • Make a video of yourself telling a story, no longer than 2 minutes, of something that happened to you that shares some aspect of teaching; good, bad, whatever.
  • Find a student to interview you, where the student asks questions they're curious to know about, and the teacher responds. Then the teacher posts a podcast of the interview. (This wasn't my idea, but I was talking to students about grading just the other day and it was interesting to hear their questions!)
  • Find another teacher to interview you on whatever and post a podcast of the interview. 
  • Give awards to contributors: most papers graded, most hours at work, most uses of technology...
  • Compare our days to TV/movie teachers
  • Compare to each other (what was everyone doing at 7 am, noon, 3 pm, 8 pm?)
  • Running list of all the roles we play
  • Instead of recording everything in one day, record one thing every day and create a report a la Nicholas Felton
  • Link this initiative anytime you see anyone attacking teachers
  • Map where you go in a day or week (I know I never see some teachers since I don't walk the same paths they do!)
  • Ask people what prevented them from participating (is that you? please comment!)

I also got requests for future themes and gathered a few ideas for those:
  1. The best lesson I taught this year.
  2. What I want PD to look like.
  3. If I was not a teacher I would be a ___.
  4. Classroom tours (started in June, I want to see more photos!)
  5. Teachers take a photograph of something meaningful that they've gotten from a student, and describe what that is and why it matters to them.

Thanks to Sam, Kate, Ashli, Julie, Greg, Kirsten, James, Jonathan, Lisa and Tom for their contribution to these lists.

Submissions over the weekend:

A Day in the Life: Berlin Edition on I Hope This Old Train Breaks Down

My typical action-packed, no-room-to-breathe Fridays.

Week as Math Educator - Day 5 on Mathie x Pensive

Entire Friday, in third person plural perspective, to wrap up five straight blog days. This last was a PD Day, but not as one might expect.

A Day in the Life: cheesemonkeysf edition on cheesemonkey wonders

Serving students and serving the dog.

A day in the life... on crazedmummy

Thursday, blow by blow. Aaagh!

A Day in the Life: 11.14.12 on Epsilon-Delta

Just a normal day--nothing super exciting BUT nothing super horrible either. So, I'll count it as a good day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 on Bowman in Arabia

Just a normal Tuesday in my life as a math teacher at a boarding school in Amman, Jordan.

This is It (Extended Version) on Those Who Teach

All in a day's work: star-crossed lovers, a skeleton, and essays galore

A Day in the Life on Discovering Delta

This is my not-so typical day of parent-teacher conferences. It's also my very first blog post. This initiative enticed me to take the first step into the blogging world!

A Day in the Life of a Mathematics Educator on Algebrainiac

24 hours in the life of an 8th grade math teacher who has two jobs and two dogs and not enough minutes in the day!

A Day In My Life – I’m Sorry Mom and Dad on I Speak Math

I was excited to blog about a day in my life. I'm a parent, a teacher, a 6th grade adviser and service leader, the math team coach, and the cheerleading coach. All three of my boys play competitive soccer. So, my trouble was actually finding the time to blog. I didn’t realize how much I do in a day until I typed this up. I am doing the best I can, but it never seems like enough.

My Typical Day (2012) on MathyMissC

I'm a second year teacher at an urban school in AZ. I teach Algebra 1 & Algebra 2. The teacher next door is on maternity leave, so I look out for those kids too. Then add co-teaching to the mix, my days are usually eventful!

A Day in the (A.D.D.) Life on Approximately Normal (in the classroom)

Just my perspective of the craziness of a random day in my life. No epiphanies, no revelations. My life isn't perfect, but it is what it is.

Pimiento Cheese Cookies (A Day in the Life of a Language Arts Teacher) on Willow Bird Baking

I'm a language arts teacher who moonlights as a food blogger. My recipes always include an anecdote -- whether it's a memory from my childhood, a funny story from school, or an interesting tidbit from my daily life. Today, I decided to accompany my recipe for pimiento cheese cookies (they're good, I promise!) with "A Day in the Life of a Language Arts Teacher."

Day in the Life of a Math Teacher 2012 #DITLife on Technology Integration for Math Engagement

Looking back at my day, I recognize the importance of tech in my job. I use it to stay organized, provide feedback to students, and collect assignments. Without it, I wouldn't be able to make my commute due to the paper weight in my car!

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