April 14, 2017

MTBoS Booth at NCTM and Beyond!

The last few weeks my timehop has been filled with photos of my prep for the first #MTBoS booth at NCTM annual in Boston two years ago. Last weekend it was great fun to see how the booth has evolved. I really enjoyed having it as a home base during the conference so I hope others will continue to organize booths at NCTM and other conferences!

The box still has some things in it from the original booth, has some new things and has run out of some others. It would be nice to restock, but what we need the most is people - one to be in charge at each location and more to volunteer. There are two stages to volunteering: 1) giving your name ahead is the only way we're allowed the space - we basically have a deal with NCTM that we can have a booth if we bring people to the conference 2) we need people to hang out at the booth and invite still more people to join in (choosing your exact time commitment can wait until 1-2 weeks ahead). Sign up for any aspect for Orlando, Chicago or D.C. on this sheet.

Most items photographed are in the traveling box but we ran out of others. If you'd like to replenish some of the supplies you can bring them to a conference or contact Suzanne. Hopefully someone will continue to update "What's in the box??" And yes, I really do mean someone else. I made all those google docs editable. If you want to be in charge of a location I'll share the whole folder of printables and info with you (though I'm not sure what you'd need that's not linked from this page) but I'm not in charge of these. We need volunteers to run these or else they don't happen. I have a contact at NCTM that I'll put you in touch with and that's the sum total of my role. Please sign up to help spread the word that there's an awesome crew of educators just waiting to share their ideas with anyone willing to read them!

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