July 9, 2016

Landmark Workshop

Less than 30 minutes away from me is a spectacular school for students with language based learning disabilities called Landmark. We have worked with some of their staff before as they consult with our district from time to time. I wrote about one workshop before and also about working with their consultants (please read this one, I am posting about working with the same group in 2012, 2014 and now 2016. This is so huge in a school with a transient student population and high teacher turnover). Over the summer Landmark offers outreach courses which I highly recommend. My school paid to send me to one since we are building a language based program at our school next year. I will be the math teacher, my colleagues from the ninth grade team (science, english and history) will also be attending courses throughout the summer and we will have time to work together with a consultant (the same one as I did walkthroughs with in 2014!) throughout the year as we build this program. The course was called Creatively Engaging, Organizing, and Assessing Students in Math and the strategies apply for any student, not just ones with learning challenges.

I'm going to dump my notes and then write up a few strategies in more detail. Let me know which ones you are interested in learning about!

I appreciated how much time we were given to both try things and reflect on everything we'd heard so far. To learn about flappers and take some time to organize our learning we made our own set of flappers of ideas from the workshop. They're challenging to take photos of since they're (mostly) front and back. The top of each photo is the back of the card from the photo above.

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