May 24, 2016

Many Voices

I'm not the only one promising to stay in the classroom!

A few years back I did a great job updating the #matheme page, a name I came up with as a blend of math theme and meme. It includes posts related to certain themes. One theme was Teaching, Our Profession which include a few letters on why we're staying in the classroom.

This week has seen a few more updates!

Why I Don't Quit by @RPhillipsMath

Why I Don't Quit {A Letter of Non-Resignation} by @misscalcul8
"I can't fix the system but I can fix how my students experience the system."

Is This Where You Want to Be? by @DietzTeach

Did you write a letter that I missed? Will you write one now? Post it in the comments so I can include it on the #matheme page!

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