July 13, 2015

TMC Morning Session

Twitter Math Camp is coming up soon! We just emailed people who listed our morning session as a first or second choice but it's not too late for you to decide to join us! (In person or virtually by following #TMC15 #equiv)

Comings and Goings: Building a Shared Understanding of 
Math Education from Kinder through Calculus

Session Description:

Are you an elementary or middle school teacher who has wondered, “Why do my students need to know this?”

Are you a middle or high school teacher who has wondered, “Didn’t they learn anything about this in earlier years?”

In teaching it’s crucial to know both where our students are coming from and where they are going. But the people who teach young kids and older students often don’t even work in the same building. How can we help struggling high school students, and what matters most in the elementary years? In this session we’ll bring math teachers for students of all ages together to build deep knowledge about the math that our students are learning.

In each day of this three-day session we’ll look at a different topic that cuts across the curriculum. Topics may include: proportional reasoning, the distributive property and area. Our goal is for every participant to leave this session with some new questions and serious food for thought. Come draw connections across grade levels, deepen your curricular understanding, better understand the CCSS, write great problems for students of all ages and be part of a one-of-a-kind conversation.

Jennifer Bell
Tina Cardone
Brian Stockus
(Remote: Michael Pershan)


We are going to spend some time discussing the big idea of equivalence through the lenses of the distributive property and proportional reasoning. If you have a favorite resource (or three!) related to one of those topics we would encourage you to bring it along. (No need to make copies, a digital file that would be easy to edit would be ideal but any contribution is welcome.) We will be tweeting, working in google drive and using padlet during our session - if you have a device with you at TMC, please bring it to the session.

Brian found a great article relevant to our goals: http://www.authenticeducation.org/bigideas/sample_units/math_samples/BigIdeas_NCSM_Spr05v7.pdf

Perhaps you can read it poolside before TMC, or on the plane or in the car (but not if you’re driving!) on the way to TMC.

We look forward to learning with you all soon,
Jennifer Bell, Brian Bushart, Tina Cardone, Michael Pershan

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