April 8, 2015


I'm super excited about the #MTBoS booth at NCTM Boston! I'm also kinda overwhelmed. This morning I wrote out a step by step schedule for how I'm going to deal with all the times I was triple booked next week. It might work if there's no traffic anywhere and the rest of the world adheres to my time table.

Tonight we published a new info page for the Explore MTBoS site. I'm also going to be posting random teasers for the booth throughout the week on the @ExploreMTBoS twitter account.

Check out our page filled with enticing information!

Follow our intriguing twitter account!

Tell Justin he's a saint because I've been texting and emailing him every time I have a new idea and he hasn't yelled at me for being insane yet!

I'll tell you about what I do on Wednesdays in Algebra later. Maybe tomorrow. If my brain stops spinning.

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