April 1, 2015

April! (#MTBoS30)

We have made it to April! It's an exciting month -

Spring is here! The sun is up when I leave the house now. Sometime this month it will be up when my alarm goes off. I'm less than thrilled that allergy season started before the snow melted but I'll take it if it means more sunlight.

The start of fourth quarter is coming up (delayed due to snow) so we are beginning to feel like the school year is wrapping up. My PreCalc class finally has some personality and we can have fun while also getting work done. On a good day the same is true for Algebra (we still have some days when they act like the routines and rules are brand new, yay 9th grade!).

NCTM is this month. And it's in Boston! Which is only a half hour from my house! That means that so many awesome people are coming to visit me (because NCTM is all about me, duh). There will be a #MTBoS booth for the first time and I'm presenting and of course attending sessions.

After NCTM we are kicking off another round of Explore MTBoS. This one is geared toward people who are new to the community, but we'll definitely need help from all you veterans.

All that to say, I have a lot to talk about this month and since I'm exiting hibernation mode, I want to tell you about it. I plan to spend this month reflecting on the year, planning for next year, sharing about NCTM and writing about whatever else comes to mind. I'll need those extra miscellaneous posts because I want to write 30 posts this month. One a day, every day in April. Will you join me? I'll be tweeting the links to my posts with the hashtag #MTBoS30. Follow the hashtag and you just might find some new blogs to follow!

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