September 29, 2014

PreCalc Unit 1 & 2

Just like I'm doing for Algebra, I'm making unit plans for PreCalculus as well. There are some substantial differences here though. I've taught PreCalc for the past two years and so I was one of the teachers who put the curriculum into Atlas (our district planning site). Plus, the other teachers teaching PreCalc are interested in collaborating! One of them taught the course with me last year and we were able to chat regularly about the course as we went last year. The other teacher is new to the district (but not to teaching) and is interested in both hearing our ideas and sharing her own. I started the first unit plan on my own and shared it with them. Then we discussed and collaborated on the rest of the first and the second. There are some small differences between our classes (which is good!) so this plan reflects what I did, but we're working to include things like common definitions for vocabulary and the same projects. I'm really excited to have a place to record all my thoughts (which, again, are in comments that don't show up on scribd) and have an easy reference for when I teach the course again. I always write lots of notes to myself all over the place but the motivation to fix something now that I won't need for a year is never sufficient. This document will let me scan plans and make edits before I print things next year. Plus it's easy to look back to see how long I spent on something if they bomb a test or forget a concept that we need again in a later unit.

Note: I teach on an alternating day block schedule so 3 weeks = 7 days is not totally nonsensical. (My Algebra classes meet every day since they are students who are substantially behind in math.)

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