May 19, 2014

What's on Your Walls?

Ashli asked a fun question - what's on the walls in your classroom?

This one is above my desk. It appears to be out of stock at this website, I bought mine in a local store so I'm sure there's another website selling them.

I have the CCSS math practices on my front wall right next to the board. I don't remember to talk about them often, but whenever I do want to refer to them it's great to have a visual!

Next to those posters is my "Perfect Score, First Try!" section. It hasn't taken over the entire room, but has both spread out and become more dense since this photo.

Finally, there's a bulletin board with a variety of fun, funny and mathy things. For example:



Curious what other people's classrooms look like? Check out the #matheme we did a while ago: I'll Show You Mine, Classroom Edition. Share what's on your walls and then submit it to the matheme!

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