May 7, 2014

Spotify Data

Nik found that Spotify will give you this data aggregate. I'm not sure I had it for the entirety of 2013, but it's still interesting data.


My answers to a couple of Nik's questions:

How many hours/days/weeks/months is that?
Hours: 474
Days: 19.7

My top album doesn’t have a track in the top 10 – what does that say?
Mine doesn't either, but 7 out of 10 of my top tracks are from my top artist. That's crazy! However, my top song isn't from that artist. Hm...

My top track is x% of my total streams – what does that say?
Less than 1%. Intriguing.

Interesting fact - I didn't recognize my top album. Turns out there are lots of tracks from it on Ashli's playlist (my top playlist) so I listened to it all the time without ever looking at the cover, title or artist!

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