May 1, 2014

May Intentions

I read a non-math blog (shocking!) called Our Little Apartment where the author starts every month reflecting on her goals from the previous month and setting goals for the new month. Every month I think, "That's a great idea!" yet every month I don't go any further than that, until now.

1. Blog for 30 days in a row, which will mean writing most days in May.
Mostly because Anne said to, but also because I'd gotten out of the habit of writing here. I post most weekdays on One Good Thing but that doesn't provide the level of reflection that I'm looking for from blogging.

2. Don't cram for the state test.
The testing culture is stressful for everyone and I hate it. This year I have three Geometry classes and they all have to take a test on Algebra and Geometry in a week and a half. All three classes are co-taught with special ed teachers, many of the students have math learning disabilities and the rest are behind in math for other reasons. I want to review everything so kids will have it all fresh in their minds and not stress during the test. I want to ignore everything and continue my curriculum so kids won't stress about an upcoming test that is a requirement to graduate. I try to find a balance and always fail, but cramming is never helpful so at the very least I promise not to do that.

3. Get back into routines
a) in the classroom
People telling me I have to do extra things in my classroom has made me lose sight of our routine. Kids need structure and predictability. I'm going to get that back for them (and me!).
b) in my work schedule
I haven't been grading ad prepping in a routine lately because there's always something else to do. I need to make these priorities.
c) at home
I started a good exercise routine, gone. I went to bed late three nights in a row this week, bad.

What are your goals for the month?

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