May 9, 2014

Counting Down

Today I started looking for something, got distracted and ended up spending the rest of my prep cleaning my room. Then I discovered that most of my PreCalc class was in AP exams so I got to finish going through everything. I found some things I'd forgotten about, some things I was looking for and some things I didn't know I had (where did that box of pencils come from? I only buy golf pencils...). I'm expecting to have to move to a new classroom for next year so I'm already in clean out and reorganize mode. I know this year isn't nearly done, but it feels like it's winding down; my co-teacher and I talk more about plans for next year than next week!

4 days until state test
I did the best I could. At the end of class today we sent them off with messages of confidence and testing strategies. One student asked, "Are you going to tell this to us at the end of every class?" And we responded, "This is your last class before the test..." Block scheduling means we won't see that class on Monday, test is Tuesday. I think I accomplished my goal of not cramming before the test! That's at least one student who definitely wasn't stressing about it.

6.5 weeks until end of school
If you're getting out soon I don't want to hear about it, if you're teaching through June you can join my #stillinschool chat. I know that people who get out early start in August, but that doesn't mean I want to hear about their pool time while I'm teaching. They can have an #alreadyinschool chat in August when they don't want to hear about my mid-day hikes.

(2 entire days off between the last day of school and flying out. Somewhere in those 2 days I drive to CT and say hi to my parents before leaving my car in their driveway for a month and asking for a ride to the airport.)

7 weeks until PCMI!
I get to spend 3 weeks in Park City, Utah. It is beautiful and the weather is perfect. Math camp there is filled with awesome people. I get to do math, talk teaching and bike/hike/bask in the sun. And my best friend will be my roommate. We met at PCMI 3 years ago when we were randomly assigned as roommates. I'm forever grateful for whoever assigned housing that year!

10 weeks until family reunion
Most of my family lives in Colorado. I don't see them often. They had amazing timing and planned a reunion for the weekend that PCMI ends. I fly from Utah to Denver and see my parents along with my extended family.

10.5 weeks until TMC14!
Reunion ends, fly from Denver to Oklahoma. See so many awesome people. And probably accomplish all sorts of stuff. But really, awesome people.

16 weeks until school starts all over again.

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