March 2, 2014

DITLife, Single Class Edition

Yesterday Lisa wrote a post about varying the types of instruction she uses in her math classes and put out a call for examples. This sounded like a perfect time to bring back Day in the Life of an Educator. But this time, instead of sharing your entire day, share a single class period in detail. I'm always curious to hear what happens in other classrooms, but more than that, I'm curious why people make the decisions they do. Why did you make that a whole class activity? How do you get students to work in groups? (I've yet to tackle this goal, let alone accomplish it.) Did students react as you expected? What decisions did you consider ahead of time and what did you have to decide on the fly? ... So many questions!

If you're interested in answering some of those questions, write a blog post about one class period this week. Then, submit your post and tweet it using #DITLife. I will put all of the posts submitted via form onto the tumblr (hence the need for a description and tags).

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  1. do I fill this out when my every post is this? :-)