December 5, 2013

Sharing a Lesson

I haven't shared a lesson on this blog all year! I have only shared one post on a lesson so far this year! Part of that is that neither of my preps are new this year, but that doesn't mean I've written about everything already. Not to mention I'm tweaking everything I do this year. But since no lesson is jumping out at me that I want to share, I'm asking you. A few requests should get me back in the momentum of sharing.

I teach fundamentals of geometry, a course for students with learning disabilities and a significant contingent of English language learners. We started with patterns. Then lines and angles. Most recently triangle inequalities and properties of special triangles. Up next are transformations and congruence. 

My other course is honors PreCalculus. They had a summer assignment on functions. Then we jumped right into trig. Unit circle, graphing, identities and currently law of sines and law of cosine. 

So, what topic do you want to read about? If you want to read about something other than a lesson feel free to ask about that too!

Edit 12/8/13: Turns out I lied. When I saw the comment about compass and straightedge I remembered posting about using graph paper rulers as fake compasses. But still, only the one post!


  1. I'm out of fun things to do in Trig, and there's two weeks left. They've got the basics, sort of, and I'd love to start tying things together without introducing some brand new heavy-duty concepts (like complex numbers), though maybe I'll just do that. Thoughts?

  2. What textbook do you use for fundamentals of geometry?

  3. Do you include a construction unit, using compass and straightedge? If so, what resources do you use?

  4. I love the mid segment theorem. Anything special you do with its four congruent triangles?

  5. I love the mid segment theorem. Anything special you do with its four congruent triangles?

  6. I would love to hear about transformations. Thanks for offering to share - I am working on them with a struggling class right now.

  7. ComputerGeekMathNerd: I have the Merrill Geometry and I like it but we pull from a variety of sources including Discovering Geometry. I used to do more compass and straightedge, those are included in Merrill, but they've gone to the wayside somehow.

    Amy: That's how we're going to shift from talking about triangle properties to congruence! I don't have any special plans although we might do Sierpinski Fractal as a performance task mid-year.

    Hermathness: I'll write something up on this topic now! Stay tuned.