November 24, 2013

Mission #8: Sharing is Caring in the MTBoS

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It's amazing. You're amazing. You joined in the Explore the MathTwitterBlogosphere set of missions, and you've made it to the eighth week. It's Sam Shah here, and whether you only did one or two missions, or you were able to carve out the time and energy to do all seven so far, I am proud of you.

I've seen so many of you find things you didn't know were out there, and you tried them out. Not all of them worked for you. Maybe the twitter chats fell flat, or maybe the whole twitter thing wasn't your thang. But I think I can be pretty confident in saying that you very likely found at least one thing that you found useful, interesting, and usable.

With that in mind, we have our last mission, and it is (in my opinion) the best mission. Why? Because you get to do something to help someone else. A random act of kindness.
We want you think about something you saw in the MathTwitterBlogosphere that you think might be useful to a colleague, a department head, an administrator, a student, whatever. And then let them know about it.

Some ideas:
  • You have a colleague teaching Precalculus, and you saw a blog author that has posted a lot of good resources and thinking about Precalculus. You email this resource and why they might find it useful.
  • You have a math coach who may be interested in the Math Mistakes blog. You share it with this math coach!
  • You saw an issue of Math Munch that might spark some interest to one of your particular students (or maybe all of them).
  • You saw an activity on fractions that your middle school colleagues would looooove. You share the wealth!
  • You think a fellow teacher might benefit from joining twitter. You help them take the leap.
  • You attended a Global Math Department meeting and you thought of someone who should have been there! You send the recording to that person.
  • You belong to an AP Statistics list-serv, and there is a great activity you saw on a blog. You email the list-serv.
  • You did an activity inspired by something in the MTBoS. You share that activity with another teacher in your school who teaches the same subject.
  • You ask for 5 minutes in a department meeting to share what you have learned about the online math teacher community.
  • ANYTHING ELSE! Just share, my little Care Bears, share!
In other words, spread the word about something in the MTBoS that you found. You should let someone else who doesn't know about the stuff we're doing (yes, we: if you weren't before, you're one of us now! mwahahahaha!) see it, and know that it's out there for them too!

This is the coda to the work you've done over the past two months. We wanted to show you what was out there because all that good stuff out there helped us and inspired us as teachers. Now we want you to be in our shoes. We want you to show others what is out there in the MTBoS that helped you and inspired you as a teacher!

pay it forwardYour Final Mission
  1. Share!
  2. Write a blog post talking about what you shared, who you shared it with, and why you shared it!
  3. Tweet out your blog post. Include the #MTBoS hashtag.
  4. Include your blogpost in the comments here and then read and comment on the blog posts of the three commenters directly above you. Be sure that you are commenting on their blog and not here.
  5. Please fill out our survey to help guide us in future missions.  We promise, it's very short.  Don't skip the survey as we are planning on compiling all of your fabulous blogs and virtual filing cabinets so we can share them with the world!  :)
If the survey below is not viewable, please click here.

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