May 28, 2013

Just Another Day

It is now 7 pm and I have been working for 12 hours straight.

May 28, 2013

7:00 am: leave for school, run through lesson plans as I drive
7:05 am: arrive at school and rush to get papers printed (progress reports I updated by spending half my weekend grading) and notebook files ready (I don't have the program on my home computer that cooperates with my SMART board)
7:24 am: start teaching
11:58 am: stop teaching (yup, that's 4 hours and 34 minutes without a break). Lunch.
12:25 pm: check email, drop something off in the main office, return to my room to find students seeking extra help.  Try to get grading and prep done while simultaneously assisting students.
2:02 pm: school ends, kids show up for extra help.  Bounce between students and look longingly at my computer because I have an idea for an upcoming lesson I don't want to lose
3:00 pm: last student leaves.  Type up my idea and reclaim my desk.
3:45 pm: try to print papers for tomorrow and learn that someone turned off the copier.  I'm still here! Walk down to the copier and turn it on, leave to go to the bathroom while it warms up, make copies
3:57 pm: leave school, try to call doctor's office before they close, busy signal! Head to Staples to buy ink for my printer (because all the school printers are out of ink I bought a printer for my classroom) and to the grocery store to pick up a few things for myself plus candy because my stock is depleted and sometimes kids deserve a treat after school.
5:00 pm: play with ideas on inscribing and circumscribing circles, debate paper and pencil constructions vs. geogebratube vs. geogebra constructions.  Chat with coworker about advisory tomorrow, the total lack of advance notice and what on earth we're going to do with these kids for an hour.
7:00 pm: realize it's 7 pm and I've been working for 12 hours.  Wonder where the time went.  Write it all out just to see.  Post it for no real reason I can think of other than I wanted to see it written out so now you get to see it too?  I'm going to try to stop working now.  Maybe.


  1. What a day! The kids appreciate a thoughtful teacher. Now go home and get some rest and do something for yourself to be energized for tomorrow.

  2. You mean teachers don't clock out at 2:45 with the kids?

    Gosh I hate it when I hear that

    I seem to have at least 2 days a week like that myself... our copier at work stores jobs, until someone turns it off or restarts it (and we cannot just send jobs, only store now)

    I'm lucky that many times my truly creative moments seem to hit fridays after dinner (my wife thinks its quite funny that I spend Friday evenings brainstorming.