November 3, 2012

Update on #matheme

At least once a week I update the #matheme page. I have no idea who uses it or how they do though. There are two parts to the page: weekly events and big themes that tend to happen within a specific timeframe.

The current weekly events are: Sunday Funday, Made for Math Monday, Global Math Department Meeting Tuesday and Favorite Friday. The Sunday Fundays have themes, so someone browsing the #matheme page might click through to a topic that interests them. For the others though, I'm not sure that compiling them on the #matheme page is helpful. Is anyone using them? Would a link to the hosting blog plus the name of the event suffice? What better way can we organize all the cool projects and submissions people make?

The big themes (classroom photos, writing in math, goal setting) are why I originally started the page and I'm happier with that organization. Most topics get a lot of updates when that's the current cool thing to write about, and then I add to the list if I happen upon a blog post that fits the category well. Do you see any glaring holes in this part of the page? Missing topics? Missing posts within a topic?

If you've used the page, could you please share how? If not, is there something that would make it more user friendly? Thanks for any and all input!

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