November 6, 2012

Practice Standards Posters

Yesterday I finished a course on the CCSS Practice Standards at the EDC.  Several teachers talked about how they had the standards posted around the room for students to refer to.  The EDC created icons for each standard.  Finally, one teacher's department created a cute sheet of the practice standards rewritten in "I can" language.  I took these ideas and put them together to make a set of posters.  I created them in keynote (which scribd doesn't like) so I have exported them as a pdf for you to print or a powerpoint for you to edit (but the fonts won't match).

I would love to hear your ideas for how to change the "I can" statements to better reflect the full intent of the standards.  I threw this together quickly this morning and am looking for feedback before I print them and share with my students.

Math Practice Posters