November 10, 2012

A puzzle for you

I mentioned in my Day in the Life post it typically takes me 4 minutes to drive to school. However it takes 12 minutes to get home. How could this be?

I'll answer questions and confirm or deny solutions in the comments.


  1. Could be traffic, could be one-way streets, could be freeway exits, could be detours for errands, could be car-pooling, … There is not enough information to make reasonable conjectures.

    My commute is 35 minutes in and 10 minutes home, but the reason is simple: I bicycle, and the 3-mile route has an average 4% grade (luckily it is downhill for the homeward part, when I'm much more tired).

  2. you get a ride to school but walk home?

  3. I drive both way without entering the freeway or taking one way streets and the traffic is approximately the same in both directions. The time doesn't include errands.

  4. Even given what you say there, it doesn't seem to necessarily exclude the possibility of a different route... perhaps related to construction or something. Though my other guess would be you're mostly taking right turns to work and left turns coming home. Honestly, at some intersections, sometimes you have to wait a full minute for the light to register that there's a car wanting to make a left.

    1. Winner! My route to school is entirely right turns. Coming home, however, I have to make 3 left turns and sit through 4 lights (as opposed to two on the way in) due to a median.