June 1, 2012


My last post was inspired by a trend.  I've seen people blog lately based on requests of other people; not to mention everyone who has finished the year trying to get all of their reflecting done, quick, before they forget!  This made me think that a blog carnival would be fun- different prompts to encourage us to write those posts that have been lingering in the back of our minds, but haven't quite formulated yet.  It would also be a more permanent way to share some conversations (like homework) that apparently happen yearly.  However, no one really wanted to organize a formal carnival.  Then, @druinok had the great idea of a twitter hashtag to share posts on a theme more informally.  Thus was born #matheme- it's a math themed meme.  Our first topic is Writing in Math, I've built a #matheme page on this blog to keep track of posts and potential future prompts (which I promise to maintain diligently until I get distracted, and then feel free to remind me!).

So, write about writing, then let me/the world know (tag a tweet #matheme, comment here, email me, whatever).  If you've already written about writing, share that link too!  Let's keep this conversation going until we're excited about something else.

Some possible future prompts (totally off the top of my head when I couldn't fall asleep last night):

A day in the life (I arrive late, stay late, leave work at school, except on Sunday...)
GoalsGrading (SBG, hybrid, traditional, other?)
Standards list if you do SBG, course overview or major themes
A great problem for habits of mind
Biggest success/Worst failure
Today at math camp I learned. (definite prompt in July!)
Your primary role (I don't think my job is to teach kids the definition of circumcenter, but what is it?)
An awesome story that makes me want to teach (even in June when my classroom is 80 and humid)

I hope you'll join in to force all of us to think a little harder, reflect a bit more deeply and learn so much from each other.

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