November 18, 2018

TMC Scholarships

A few years back some of us collaborated to create a compilation of blog posts and sold them as a physical book with the statement that the proceeds would go toward increasing access to TMC. We collected $1,001 in royalties! After paying for the book building software we have an impressive net amount remaining to donate to TMC.

Each year I think about how to allocate the funds fairly and each year I feel overwhelmed. So I have been guiltily been holding on to that money until we could figure out how to give it out equitably. This year the TMathC planning committee has been thinking hard about access and equity. To start, this money will help cover the registration fees for educators of color to improve diversity at the conference (waiving the registration fee is part of the way we're signaling our commitment to be more inclusive). We are also working on developing a plan for scholarships to cover travel costs for people whose schools can't reimburse them. I'm so excited to finally be able to tell you that we're using the money raised, sorry it took a few years!!

If you want to contribute to the cause head over to the TMathC blog to learn more or go directly to the donation page.

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