June 13, 2017

Explore Math: PreCalc Final

A couple weeks ago the other precalc teacher came to talk to me about giving a project as a final instead of an exam.  I'd already told kids they would be doing the graphing a picture systems project right after limits and they'd been looking at those posters all year so I needed something else. I remembered that I was jealous of Brian's Mathematicians Beyond White Dudes project. I thought about connecting that to Sam's Explore Mathematics ongoing assignment. To add some extra social justice spin to it I included math from different cultures. When a kid complained about not getting to see the people he wanted to at career day I added that box as well. The rest came from Sam's ideas. The idea for the columns came from Fawn's Math Munch sheet. This is absolutely a team effort, so thank you all for being in my head as I completely lacked motivation to finish this - it was 95 degrees outside and I spent yesterday at a retreat planning SBG rollout next year so my head was alternately on summer vacation or planning next year. That said, please make this even more of a team effort and add suggestions for other topics!

I wasn't very specific in my instructions on creating their presentations (choose one per column and make some slides) but I only have four kids in class plus one independent study student (it was a bigger class before seniors left) so I don't mind clarifying as I go. They're great kids so they'll let me get away with adding requirements later if I need to! I would love to do this earlier next year. Or even as a summer assignment? We stopped giving a summer assignment for precalc but I am now thinking that if there is summer reading there should also be summer math. It would be easy to add a few things that are more underclassmen friendly... It might be too late for this year but I will still email my department head and suggest it!

Google Doc with active links.

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