January 7, 2017

TMC Site

In high school I took a tech ed class that included web design, CAD, java and architectural design. I enjoyed the class so much I arranged with the teacher to do an independent study on the web and architectural design topics the following year. While I think I might have enjoyed continuing my studies in either of those topics to lead to eventual careers, I love teaching and am glad I ended up here. However, it's still fun to get the chance to dive back into those worlds on occasion. When I was in high school websites were a lot simpler, google didn't even exist back then... I made a website for my dad's office using only text files in notepad and saved it on floppy discs. So beyond the opportunity to walk down memory lane, doing some web design forces me to learn new things like CSS. As a teacher I appreciate opportunities to stretch my brain and exercise my problem solving skills. It's fun to be the student again for a while and remind myself what it's like to be trying to understand something new.

So, check out TMathC.com (newly updated to not have any proprietary words in the domain) and let me know what needs fixing. Kudos go to Glenn for the wiki and the majority of the content, my job was mostly to copy and paste from the old site once I got the layout adjusted to my liking.

p.s. This is my second post this month, I might be getting back into a routine! Join all the eager bloggers who resolved to write more this month/year on Explore MTBoS.

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