August 1, 2016

Day in the Life Book Idea

A few times over the past few years we have written about a day in our lives. Most of the posts are included on this blog. And each time we do this I think how cool it would be to have a book to share these stories. The day in the life site descriptions says, "Do you wonder what teachers do all day? Would you like to tell the world that this job doesn't end at 2:00 when the bell rings? You're in the right place to read about what a day is like for educators from around the world in all types of schools." I think that's a message worth sharing with a broader audience.

I believe it was Chris Robinson who brainstormed with me a couple years ago. We talked about getting teachers in different stages of their career to write regularly, perhaps respond to some prompts, and then compile all the stories into a book. Last month I thought it would be cool to get 31 teachers who each signed up for a day of the month (so perhaps I would write about my day on the 5th: September 5th, October 5th...). Today I'm thinking about key days of the year. Each person would write a week before school post, a first day of school post, a day before Thanksgiving break post...

This year will be my tenth year of teaching so it seems like an auspicious time to make this project really happen. I want it to be both manageable and insightful. Some specific days to share in detail would be good, some excellent reflection questions to tack on the end of the day would be even better. Does this idea spark your interest? Help me make a plan and find a diverse group of writers!


  1. I really love this idea. I think it would be a great homage to the profession of teaching and has the potential to shine a spotlight on the fact that it truly is a profession filled with hard-working, dedicated men and women.

    1. Also, I would love to help in any way needed.

  2. Cool idea - I'm down. I'm year 16 and one of the few (I think) Catholic school teachers in #MTBOS, so that could qualify under diversity of settings, maybe? LMK what i can do to help with this!

  3. I like all of your ideas! I don't have anything to add so I'm being less helpful but I'd also like to help if needed.

  4. Love it!! Starting Year 26 at a small (600) rural high school in Central Texas. Willing to help!!

  5. Thanks for all the offers to help! See today's post: for info on how to sign up to write/help out.