May 7, 2016

Saturday Morning Math

When you're a student (k-12, college or grad school) you do math all the time. As a teacher I do math regularly, but rarely math that's new or surprising. This week I challenged my problem solving muscles to create a set of rational functions that would have different limits, nice intercepts, and a balance of holes and asymptotes. But that's still not the same as diving into a new problem, remembering what it's like to be a student and feeling a sense of accomplishment when I make a discovery. A few times we've tried to create problem solving groups. Rachel posted about a problem we played with individually and then discussed. Carl ran #probchat where people solved a problem live on twitter. I've done a variety of google hangouts including Saturday Morning Math, which was tough because of time differences and variability of schedules and a PCMI eTable which is always fun but super concentrated - every day for three weeks in July. I don't have a good solution, but I miss doing math and Justin posted a problem this week so this morning I'm going to be a Saturday math gang of one!

If you want to play first, now's your chance! I'm hitting publish now to go play. Then I'll share what I learned tomorrow.

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