March 12, 2016

The Best of the Math Teacher Blogs 2015 (available now!)

We did it! That pre-announcement from a few weeks ago is finally a real announcement. A two and a half month turnaround for dream to reality isn't so bad. (Though I bet we could beat that timeline if we do it again next year now that we have the process figured out.) A million thanks to everyone who worked with us on this. Lani is an awesome person to collaborate with. A team of tweeps pitched in when our task list became overwhelming, this announcement wouldn't be happening today without them. Over 50 bloggers happily contributed their posts to the cause. This community rocks.
It’s never been easier to miss a great math blog post. The MathTwitterBlogoSphere –– known as #MTBoS around social media –– was once a small group of math teachers willing to make themselves vulnerable, putting their practice online. As the community has expanded, even the most dedicated readers struggle to keep up with the deluge of thoughtful commentary, engaging and interesting tasks, and stories that we can all learn from.
To help keep you from missing out, we have compiled some favorite posts from this past year, as nominated by MTBoS folks on Twitter, into this book. These posts are as rich and varied as the educators who wrote them. Some delve into specific content. Some tell stories of change and growth. Others explore teaching practices, new or well established. We hope that you find some that provoke and push you, and others that make you smile. Most of all, we hope you make some new connections in the MTBoS community.
This book has another purpose as well. Since 2012, folks from the MTBoS have participated in an annual “tweet up,” a three and a half day math extravaganza called Twitter Math Camp (TMC). Unlike regular conferences, teachers come knowing who they want to meet. They come to continue conversations that have been taking place online, through blogs and twitter. TMC is a rich and personal learning environment. The grassroots nature of TMC means it is lively, personal, tailor-made, and unpredictable. However, most teachers have to pay their own way. We will use the money raised through sales of this book to start a fund to bring along some of the teachers who would not otherwise be able to participate. We think that TMC is a unique professional learning experience, and we hope to share it while we grow our community.

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  1. I'd love to purchase this book, however when I go to either of the physical-book buying links (Amazon and it tells me the book is out of print. Will it be available soon? Maybe I missed something.

  2. So sorry! Createspace had a concern about the copyrights so they pulled it while we prove we have the proper permissions. It should be back up soon.

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