August 21, 2015

Algebra, the first month

Our first unit in Algebra 1 is focusing on the priority standards of Number Sense and Evaluating Functions. Four of the seven of us who will be teaching the course had the opportunity to work together this summer to map out the unit. That's five math teachers and two special ed teachers - our double block classes changed this year from co-taught every day to co-taught every other day and the math teacher with a smaller group (a subset of the co-taught Algebra 1 class so kids will have the same teacher both days) on the opposite day for a support class. Our goal with the support class is to do some pre-teaching and work on foundational skills that we'll need for the full class. In the map below that's the grayed out B Days. To recap- some kids will have class 90 minutes every other day, they'll do the white rows. Some kids will have class 90 minutes every day, they'll do all the rows.

It was fun to work with the team to find resources because we had plenty of time to share our ideas and search for new ones - they know about the MTBoS but none of them have jumped in (yet?). All the materials for the unit are in a dropbox folder. I'm sure we'll stray from this map by the end of the first week, but I'm so excited to have something available to refer to!

Unit 1 MAP

Mad Minute: It's not a race to do the whole sheet in a minute, it's a promise we'll only do this rote practice for two minutes, and it's as close as I ever get to pre-testing.

Exit Ticket: We don't know how we're going to have to grade the support class, we think it will be pass/fail. If so, the exit ticket will be a problem or two related to what we worked on that class and will be something in the online gradebook to appease admin :)

Flapper: An index card summary: definitions/generalizations go on the front of the card, an example goes on the back. They're taped to cardstock so they flap.

TIP chart: Three column vocab organizer. Term, Information, Picture.

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