April 14, 2015

One wall

Classroom tour!

This is the back of my classroom:

There are two doors to the hallway on this wall, to the left and the right of the photo. We only use the one to the left. The recycling bins (for paper and plastic) are on top of boxes of binders. We require kids to use binders so we also provide them. 

Above the bins is a wall of "perfect score, first try" stars. If kids get a perfect score on a test or quiz I stick a post it star to their paper. They write their name and the name of the assessment and tape it to the wall. I ran out of stickies when grading a quiz today and had to find a new pack, which was awesome. Too many perfect scores! What a terrible problem!

To the right of the stars are the math practices. They're what I look at while I'm teaching which reminds me to reference them in occasion. I also ask my PreCalc students periodically to state what practice they used that day in class. 

Below the practices is a bookshelf full of student supplies. To help students use appropriate tools strategically, I leave things out and allow kids to access them whenever. The drawers are filled with dry erase markers, crayola markers/highlighters, colored pencils and crayons. There are golf pencils (pre-sharpened and cheap!), calculators, rulers, geometry kits... Lined paper, graph paper, large grid graph paper, and paper with preprinted coordinate planes. Index cards, index cards with T's for making flappers and quarter sheets of scrap paper. The bottom left shelf is lost and found where my co-teacher and I toss stuff that kids didn't put away but shouldn't get thrown out. 

What's on your wall?


  1. I love seeing people's classrooms! I wrote a similar post recently: https://mslwheeler.wordpress.com/2015/02/20/whats-on-my-classroom-walls/

    1. Thanks for sharing! I just remembered we did a #matheme on this a while back. If you'd like to see other classrooms, check it out: http://drawingonmath.blogspot.com/p/matheme.html#ISYM